I was just wondering about you when I was doing my hair tonight! How is it now that it's been a few days? Any better? I left a semi-bad review for a stylist once, and I would definitely want to know if a fellow curly had not had good results with a stylist so that I could avoid that particular one!
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Not much better. It's like 5 inches long all over kinda. That is how short it is.
I am still wondering how she could be so stupid. "I wanna keep the length" (it reached my shoulders when dry even) and then cut it off so much I only have about 5 inches all over????

Yeah, I was thinking the same: I wanna warn others. I mean the woman was very nice and all but she definitely couldn't cut curly or wavy hair. I have never had an experience like this one with a hair dresser. Not even close.