I'm doing okay this week. I put my hair in mini twists 2 days ago but ended up taking them out today because I really didn't like how they looked on me *shrugs* I am currently fighting the urge to straighten my hair. I don't want to apply any type of heat to my hair for at least another 5 months so I can get more of my relaxed ends trimmed off. I had to log off of YouTube last night because I found myself watching video after video of beautiful natural roller sets and silk wraps. We'll see how long I can stay away from the heat

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I understand how you feel about styling, I used to get a little frustrated in the beginning when I tried styles and they didn't quite turn out right. Now I don't even bother. I just wash, condition, DT and place my hair into bantu knots that stay in until the next wash day. I take one knot out and blend into a quick weave if I'm planning on going anywhere but other than that I may occasionally place my hair into a bun.

Hey girls! I'm still here. Have been experimenting with a variety of buns and braids. So far so good. Now that I've hit 10 months it really seems to have gotten easier. My real trouble was at the beginning when I didn't know what the heck to do with my edges but now a little gel and off I go. I've really stayed away from heat for the past 10 months (straightened 2 times) but lately I've been contemplating buying a flat iron. Probably wouldn't use it a lot but just want to have another option of how to style my hair from time to time.
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I get both of you ladies getting the urge to straighten and wanting another styling option. I have seen some beautiful youtube videos of naturals straightening their hair and I wanna do it too!Lol. However I have only straightened my hair once since the beginning of my transition and I'm planning on buying an Instyler for Christmas but don't know if I will do it then or wait until January when I hit my 18month mark. Idk. I really don't think straightening is all that bad as long as you use a heat protectant, don't turn the temp up too high and don't straighten to often.
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