Wavy- Thank you SO much for posting this. My hair generally does not do well with gels but for some reason I did try this and LOVE it. I air dried one day and my hair was frizz free and wavy/curly. Not weighed down. The next day I diffused and had so much more volume and still no frizz. Hold is pretty good! I will say the smell is slightly overpowering but seemed to disappear once I put it in my hair.

@asianrunner- Glycerin (I think) is the second or third ingredient. My hair doesn't seem to like products with a lot of glycerin so I am wondering if I will only be able to use this in normal dews.

There has been so much talk about Aussie Instant Freeze, I may try that. I also used to use the Aussie Volume gel, and remember liking it...

One question for you gel-users...How do you apply it? Are you raking then scrunching, or just scrunching? Do you put the gel in soaking wet hair or blot first? I have been on my CG journey for about a year and a half but still haven't figured out gel...For my hair anyways.
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