I also have PCOS< can't tell if my scalp is dry or oily though. It's frustrating because I want to do cowashes, because they say it will stop the overproducing of the sebum from the scalp, but then I'm afraid if it's oily to begin with, cowashes wouldn't be good?? HOw to tell, THAT IS THE QUESTION!! Do you cowash or low poo or what? Maybe dousing the ends with conditioner so they don't get AS dry!
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Well im actually new to this whole site so was washing with regular shampoo just until recently...i went ahead and took the plunge and just started with Devacare Low Poo...I was afraid to get the no poo b/c of the oily scalp as you were saying and the description of the low poo says it is better for oily scalps...only downside is it is a bit pricy for me...Ive only used it a few times but so far so good...I know my scalp is oily b/c i can see the roots on a second day after washing are flatter and look just a bit "dirty"...its irritating and i feel "dirty" so i have to wash...I tend to have oily skin in general b/c of the pcos and deal with breakouts so it is no surprise to me that my scalp is oily as well...I think low poo shampoo is a happy medium for us gals with oily scalp...you may be on to something with overproduction of sebum from harsher shampoos...dont know if i would co wash alone though...I ll have to see how i continue to do with low poo...let me know what you decide to do as well! Oh and I'm a 3a/b hair type if that helps