I only noticed the broken pieces in the front( The most damaged section), but when I pulled out strands from other places and pulled on them, they snapped easily. But then again, I never tested the strands before so I don't know if they were like that from the start.

I checked the Kinky Curly website and for some reason the nearest Target that carries their products is over an hour away. The nearest Whole Foods is also over an hour away from me, but we do have a NutritionSmart and I think I have seen the Aubrey Organics there. I have read a lot of recommendations for the AOHR and may try that. I also bought the GVP Conditioning Balm and have been using that and I like it. I have used the Shea Moisture DC Treatment Masque, but have also read good things about the Smoothie. I just can't try everything at once. It gets confusing and expensive! I use a t-shirt to blot dry, but need to get myself a satin pillowcase.

I haven't really noticed more breaking, but the hair still snaps when pulled. I keep wondering if I should do a protein treatment followed by a DT. I read some posts that say if your hair is breaking and processed (dyed), it might need protein. But I also read that if it stretches without breaking, it needs protein and my hair DOES NOT stretch, so I'm thinking moisture and not protein. I'm so confused.

Like Suzisuze said 'It's a long Journey..." So I'll be trying lots of different products and methods. I'm just holding off until after this weekend. I don't want my hair to look like a brillo pad at the wedding I am attending. Not that I ever want it to, but I guess I've got to learn by trial and error.
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