There are plenty of ways to label "in between" hair if you buy into Andre's system, but I guess it seems more logical IMO to say - for example - that I have 3b/c hair rather than making up some whole new category for it. Of course most people will already understand you when you say you have 3a/4c hair, just like they'll understand me saying I have 3b/c hair. I guess I don't see how "3d" is even needed, except that it saves three typing characters.

And since nobody is going there I'll just say it: one cynical view is that some curlies will do anything to avoid calling themselves a "4" because of the whole "good hair"/"bad hair" syndrome, including calling themselves "3d"s. I think SOMETIMES this really is the motivation, though I'm not accusing you, the OP, of this.

Regardless of peoples' motivations in creating extra categories I do ultimately agree w/those who say people get to call their hair anything they want.
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Yes, it was talked about in the 4a forum - same thread I don't see what's so hard about saying 4a/3c, 4a/4b, etc. Its something that many of us are more familiar with than making up a new category.

Many if not most of us curlies do have more than one curl pattern. I'm 4a/3c with some waves, tighter curls, looser curls - all on one head. That's partly why I stopped putting my curl pattern in my signature. Its different for everyone who sees my hair.
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