Many if not most of us curlies do have more than one curl pattern. I'm 4a/3c with some waves, tighter curls, looser curls - all on one head. That's partly why I stopped putting my curl pattern in my signature. Its different for everyone who sees my hair.
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Exactly! In fact, many of us likely have more than two patterns on our heads. So let's say someone is thought to have "2c/3a/3b" hair. Do we make up a fresh abbreviation for these type of combinations too? How much do we want to complicate things? And I just find it a little curious that it's usually someone with hair that partially falls into the "4" category that wants some new category that excludes the 4. I've heard this proposition raised offline too and it's never from the 2s or 3s. Again, I don't think that means race-based hair shame is always the motivator, but it begins to look like it is in too many cases, which is sad.

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