Can someone please stop this thread before it explodes like THE EXACT SAME thread did in 4a?! Who cares if people who YOU think are 4s believe they're 3s. They know their curl size better than you do. Seriously, why is that so important? BTW I am the last one to advocate curl typing. I don't like it.... 3d is as silly as 2b, 3b or 10b to me!

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Noticed someone attacked you in that other thread, accusing you of being a "4" in disguise ... the way they did it was completely obnoxious and uncalled for. And I'm sorry if my opinion has you worried that this thread will attract more commentary that is personally attacking or doesn't align with your own view.

But for the record, I've acknowledged that people get to label themselves however they'd like. I've merely added that I find some of what motivates it kind of interesting and at times, sad. Not sure your appeal to censor the thread is the best way to handle your anxiety. Then again, the moderator will obviously step in if it's believed things on this thread will get out of hand.
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First, if you are affected by anxiety, please don't project your mental state onto me. That's your issue. Second, it doesn't really matter if this aligns with my views. I'm going to continue to give my opinions when I choose to over and over if I choose. Just as you will continue to say over and over you think some 4s have this issue. That's both of our right.

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If you think "anxiety" was too strong a word for your behavior, Okay. It's just that your plea for the thread to close seemed a little ... drastic; reactionary. At any rate, I see no reason why anyone would get offended by people stating the fact that SOME (not all) type 4s have a "good hair/ bad hair" complex that gets acted out via the typing system. To pretend it doesn't ever happen seems a little disingenuous to me.

I do believe there's an elephant in the room and getting upset when someone points out that elephant is a little puzzling to me.

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