It is a very...strange product, isn't it? I'm not surprised it didn't work well in CO. The dew points must be super low. I discovered a new tube of the Pure Clean gel in my linen closet last night - apparently, I did buy a new tube when the last one ran out - so I'm going to give it a shot today and see how it does in this fall weather. When I liked it in the spring, I used it by itself over a little leave-in. I loved how curly it left me, but I did feel sort of producty once it was all dry and I SOTC.

I have been experiencing just with a little leave in plus gel or mousse. What products are you liking? For me, I like Curl Fix, Redken Curl Refiner (one cone), and KCKT as leave ins. For gels, the Garnier Pure Clean has been successful...I like CQ in the winter but was not successful with it in the summer, which is odd because there is no glycerin...I also am liking the 3 in 1 conditioning mousse that is about $3 in CVS! I also have had success using CIAB alone.
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Seg, you and I have different properties, so it looks like we're not going to like a lot of the same stuff. I stay away from proteins in conditioners, so I love CJAO - I use it every day as my go-to LI - but I'm guessing you don't like it because it's oil-heavy. I was having fantastic luck over the summer with CEJ/FHG topped with BRHG as my styler combo, but CEJ/FHG isn't working for me as well in this weather, so I've been using a combo of Re:coil and KCCC instead, also topped with BRHG. It's not *fabulous*, but it's working okay. The one time I tried a sample of CQ, it left me stringy and dry, and it took several shampoos to get it out. I had great success with CIAB last fall, but it didn't work in the winter and I didn't re-buy it. Maybe I should try it again this fall. I tried a sample of AFL a couple of months ago and it did nothing for me, either. I love the CJ condishes so much - wish I could get the stylers to work for me!
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