My thoughts about Oyin: I'm going to lie when I first used the products I purchased on my hair, I was ready to swap it to a friend. Today I decided to play around with the whipped pudding and burnt sugar pomade. I find the whipped pudding works best on top of another product to provide a light hold to a current style. I wore a bun today and my hair did not frizz up with the whipped pudding on top of my hair (today was a rainy day). It moisturized the heck of my hair as well. The burnt sugar pomade is wonderful I use it on my scalp. I don't apply this on top of my hair. It can make my hair a little sticky/greasy.

I did a test spray of the juices and berries on my hair and it made it sticky. I'm going to dilute it by adding drops of it in my spray bottle. The honey hemp conditioner I did not try yet I will reserve this for when I wash my hair again. The honey dew leave in did not work on dry hair but I will be trying it on wet hair. Overall I give two thumbs up for Oyin. I finally found a product like that keeps my hair extra moisturized in the colder months and reduces frizz.

I also want to state I am NOT fully natural yet I am 3 months post but my hair grows out really fast. I have about 1-2 inches of new growth in certain areas of my hair. Thanks to everyone who gave their recommendations of their favorite Oyin products.
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I use the frank juice on soaking wet hair. If I use it on my hair while it's dry, it'll make my hair sticky too
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