I'm one of you all waiting for an answer, but I'll share something that helped a lot for me. Smoeone, in another thread, since no one has offered us help here, mentioned that they had something similar to me and it was because I was getting too much protein. Now I knew I wasn't supposed to use protein much based on my hair analysis, BUT I just assumed that protein, meant "don't do protein treatments" I never thought or knew that conditioners, rinse outs, gels, etc could also contribute and when I checked my stuff, everything had protein. so I switched stuff, and get this. . . . about 85% of the frizz was gone!! Amazing. Who knows if this is everyone's case, but that's mine.
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I had the same thing going on. When I washed my hair it felt dry, even when wet. And when I squeezed the water out after washing and co-ing it, it was one big frizzy, knotty, dry mess. So I moisturized it, leaving protein out this time, and after a couple of times DT my hair started to feel soft again.
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