I'm with ya. I plan on geting down 40 lbs before 2012 by cutting down junk food and workout at home.

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I've been putting things off and putting them off (due to one thing or another) and its finally just like enough is enough. This IS what I want but I'm clearly not gonna get there on wishes & dreams alone. Lol. So I'm trying to focus on doing all that I can each day and just taking it one step at a time. It seems to be working so far! I have already lost some inches in my arm, waist and hips. Yah!

I have some goals in mind for the end of this year and beyond. I know next year I want to run a 5K. I despised running when I was much younger but have finally started to embrace it.

I also want to commit myself to exercising at least every other day and hopefully everyday, to gain strength and muscle tone. I have a bike and have been biking close to 3 miles every few days for the last two weeks, which is great. I just have a tendency to start something and then fall off the wagon.

I really have no excuses, I live the near the beach and I can go outside my door and start exercising. Maybe by putting forth my goal here, I will have more accountability.
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ITA w/the accountability part. Writing it down as well as doing this online with others definitely helps a lot. Congrats on taking on such a major goal! I used to hate running when I was younger too and have really just gotten into it as well and really like it. I had to stop a few weeks ago bc I had an emergency surgery however I am working my way back up to running and with all the amenities that my new gym offers (including unlimited daycare for $5 a month) I REALLY have NO EXCUSE!

I want to loose 15 pounds and tone. I'm going to start eating healthy, working out, drinking more water and try to avoid junk food...

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Originally Posted by Heaven88
I wish I only had 15pds to lose! Lol. I WILL get there though. I actually got up at 5am today and went with my mom to our first spinning class. It was better than I thought. I was a little intimidated by the idea of it at first but I actually really like it. We plan on doing that Mon, Wed & Fridays and then on Tues & Thursdays doing our regular workouts in the gym. Later on I'm hoping to add some yoga, kickboxing and Pilates classes into the mix. Right now I'm pretty happy with my exercise regimen and I have been doing well with increasing my water/green tea intake as well as taking my vitamins.

Good luck to us all. Here's to having fab bodies in 2012!
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