Thanks! May I ask about how much she charges for a cut (alone or with styling, etc)? Do you have her/salon number? I'm in Newark.[/quote]

The Deva Cut is $75. I got the Deva products she used (sans the no-poo and lavender refreshing spray), so it was more and then there was the tip.

I don't have the number off the top of my head, but if you search google for Madusalon, you will find it. They rarley answer the phone, but typically call you back within an hour or so of you leaving a message.

Also, Carolina is very popular so she is booked quickly. Make sure when you call you let them know you want a Deva cut so that they can schedule your appointment with enough time. Oh yea, if you come after 5 pm they give you wine!
3B with some 3a. Fell off but am now back on the CG bandwagon and looking for my HG products.