i need some help. pretty new to cg. have read the book twice now. i get the thing about no-poo & have seen the dvd that came with the book.

here are my questions:

how often should i be washing my hair? is it 1 day do the no-poo & one condition, and then 2-3 days just the no-condition? the book didn't really clarify this. i have little ones, and so just getting back into the swing of taking care of me again, if you know what i mean--ie. in the past i was lucky if i got 2 showers a week sometimes.

how to cut down on frizz? i have super coarse hair, the frizz is all from ears down.

if i use even a little bit of product (probably all on the no-no list, i'll have to double check) my hair gets build-up and greasy looking. how do i fix that?

what products should i be using? i have no-poo, one condition, and the anGEL(i try using a big handful of that and it doesn't seem to last too long--ie. next day my hair is totally flat again). are any of the other devacurl products appropriate for my hair type?

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