Wow, Phoenix! SO awesome of you to give so much of your time to our curious gals!
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She is the best!

Pssstttt........she once sent me chocolates, too.

I ate them for breakfast.
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Blushing here...

Phoenix, I am interested in trying the eyeshadow primers that can act as shadows also. I know Urban Decay makes them, and Bare Escentuals too. Have you tried any of them and do you think one brand is better than another? I have brown eyes and I like neutrals (not blue, purple, green, etc.)

Thanks for answering when you have time.
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i bought the green and purple in bare escentuals and i didn't really care for them. they looked sort of dirty on the eye to me. they were expensive so i returned them. in my experience, layering products gives an awesome look that lasts (even on my uber oily lids). even when a primer has color, it doesn't usually pop enough alone but it adds a lot of dimension if you consider it as a layer to your overall eye makeup. of course that doesn't save time if you're just looking for one product but that's my opinion. that said, i like mac paint pots as an eyeshadow base. i use a neutral one for my everyday base. i have several colored ones that make my eyes look great. another thing that i'm digging now is to use a plain eyeshadow base and then do a couple of quick swipes with a jumbo eye pencil in the shade you're wanting to make pop in your shadow. i have a green one by sephora ($10). omg, it makes my greens look awesome! nyx has some too, i got the purple and it's just okay compared to the sephora purple but it was only $5 so i'll use it up but likely won't repurchase that one. i know you like neutrals but the same might hold true for the neutral colors also and i recall there being several neutral shades on the sephora jumbo eye pencils.
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lml gave a good review.

I've only tried Mac's Paint Pots in Rubenesque (pearlescent, light coppertone) and Painterly (beige). Technically, Paint Pots aren't primers, but many people successfully use them as such. So I would recommend them if your skin isn't very oily. They crease on me, esp in the summer when my face gets oilier, faster. But in cooler months they're fine.

Urban Decay makes a couple of colored Primer Potions too.

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