You can use black, green, rosemarry, nettle, chamomile. They all strengthen your hair, but rosemary will darken your color and chamomile will lighten. I like chamomile bestt, because it made my hair soft, my waves pop, and hardly any breakage. Also if you have any scalp irritations or dandruff, chamomile or rosemary will quickly fix it. After I shampoo, I rinse with water, then rinse with tea, then rinse with water. Some people will leave the tea in, but my nose can't handle that.

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I know you said that you rinse the tea out but have you read anything or seen any videos of those who leave theirs in and whether or not the smell goes away after your hair dries? I was just curious bc I know w/the acv rinses that the smell goes away once the hair dries...however in the mean time the smell does get quite bad. Lol
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