I have a lot I want to lose but I plan to take it in 10 lb increments. It's easier that way. I can't start any routine seriously until I get my butt to the dr's and get my lungs checked out. My asthma has been bad and with a lack of insurance lately I haven't been able to treat it as I should. That has changed recently though so once I get it under control it's full steam ahead!

Going back to work and getting a new apartment have been great for me though! I feel like I eat more, but I'm eating better and better every day as well as just getting more movement into my daily routine. I'm also sleeping better so that's a huge help. It's getting colder here all the time so I want to get back to my Wii and my 30 day shred.

I had lost 5 lbs when I weighed myself last night, which is impressive because I'm PMS'ing and bloated and I've been retaining water like crazy lately. Slow and steady does it, but it's beyond time to get it done.
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[SIZE="4" ] I COMPLETELY relate to that! It has been time for me to suck it up and finally drop the pounds. I'm over not being able to get into my favorite jeans/dress. So I figure I work my butt off so I can hopefully be where I wanna be by January (or well on my way) so I'm going into the new year with the intentions of maintaining my new body not trying to get one.[/SIZE]
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