I stopped relaxing about a year ago, did a lot of wet sets and finally, I cut off all of the relaxed hair. I didn't realize that the relaxed hair was what was giving me the curls of my dreams! I used a children's texture softener...yeah, I know, a mild relaxer...but I would only leave it in for about 5 minutes. Then it was a couple of inches long and I could still get a handle on it.

Now my hair is down to my jawbone and somewhere on my head has every type you could think of! It goes from a 2b to a 4a! What the heck am I supposed to do with it? Some days, it tries to be a 'fro, never quite succeeding because it's relatively fine. I don't have a natural hair care salon probably within 50 miles (I live in Huntington, WV) to help me so I'm kind of winging this! Almost every black woman I know here either relaxes her hair, has braids or just flatirons it to death.

My hair is fine but strong. It doesn't need a lot of heat to straighten it and most oils just kind of sit on top of it, never actually sinking in. I find that cream leave-in's do a lot better and some sprays work very well too.

The pictures at the bottom are over a 5 month span: June (flat ironed) to today (Aveeno nourish leave in and Shea Moisture Curling souffle).

I just want defined curls with minimal frizz! Help!

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