I think that is the case. People are voting to keep Maks, not Hope.

I am losing interest in this show. As in many of these types of shows, people are starting to vote for personalities, not talent; maybe not in all cases, but in a large percentage of them.
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And yet you're upset because the least talented dancer left?

This is obviously going to have a popularity component to it. Until this week I *loved* Carson's dances and wanted him to stick arund for entertainment. I think Hope will be gone soon because while she has talent she is just such a sourpuss all the time. I agree that Maks probably kept her around.

I wish that there were a few weeks before voting started. We've seen people no one had heard of do well because their personalities came across well, so it's not only existing fan base. I would guess a lot of people voting for Ricki weren't her fans going in, for example.

ETA: Upset was too strong a word and my vocabulary is failing me. My family gets passionate about things where I'd say upset - but know there was no real negative emotion there. I didn't mean to imply any kind of overreaction at all as my post seems to say.

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The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!

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