I haven't posted for a while, but am still running 3-4 times/week. It's been mostly mediocre, but finally had a good run Sunday night after returning home from a weekend away visiting my son and DIL. Last night wasn't too bad either. So, I'm still plugging along and am enjoying reading everyone's accomplishments. Keep it up!
The smallest deed is greater than the grandest intention.

I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. (Invictus - William Ernest Henley)

Just think I used to worry 'bout things like that,
Used to worry 'bout rich and skinny, 'til I wound up poor and fat,
Nowadays I kind of worry where my mind's been at,
Just think I used to worry 'bout things like that. (Delbert McClinton - I Used to Worry from Never Been Rocked Enough)