I've never gotten asked if I'm mixed, but I've been asked if I was Japanese (personally I didn't understand this one, he explained that it was because of my light skin and almost black natural hair color). I've also been asked if I'm Native American cause of my dark curls and my facial features, which i do actually have a little Native American in me. When I get asked about my heritage it doesn't really bother me, unless they argue with me. Like my dad has darker tanned skin and his hair is black and kids from public school would ask if he is Italian and I'd say no but they'd argue and say he has to be. Uh he's my dad I'm pretty sure I'd know. I was once asked if this little girl (a friend's baby) was my daughter, she's mixed. I said no and they said oh you have to be her mom you look so much like her, you got the same hair (which was funny cause we do) I'm like uh no, I'm irish, German, french, English, and native American. I have no African American in me. My hair mixed with my looks just seem to throw people sometimes, I find it funny when people try and guess my heritage, they are hardly ever right.
2c/3a with some 2b-fine/coarse-iii-low porosity-normal elasticity
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