My method isn't quite scientific. I don't follow the step-by-step directions, but rather do something kinda like this:

I use a long duckbill clip (closed) - though a chopstick or rat-tail comb or something might work better, I just use this 'cos it's handy in the bathroom - and start at the front, just making the first zig how I want my bangs to part, then just zig and zag it along my scalp going back toward the crown, then I lift it straight up vertically, help the pieces on either side fall where they go, and that's it! It's pretty spiffy, actually. It works best when my hair is damp (after whatever blotting dry I do), after putting product in, before root clipping and diffusing.


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Thanks M! I'll try and practice...I'd love to be able to do one of those.
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