I just read through this whole thread and it definitely helps knowing there are other curlies going through the same thing I am!

I've been transitioning for... about 15 or 16 months now, and it is frustrating! My Korean mother had me believing straight hair was the only pretty hair, and had no idea what to do with my unruly mixed head while I was growing up. I had been getting relaxers since I was about 7, and once I was grown and out of the house the trend continued.

When I first stopped relaxing my hair was about chin length curly, and severely damaged. I found nc.com and with the help of you awesome curlies started learning to love my hair again. About a week ago I got my hair to APL and was excited about FINALLY getting some length back... until I got 3 inches cut of relaxed hair in a moment of frustration. Now, curly, I am right below chin length.

I feel like this process will never end! Plus, I my natural has SO much volume, when I try to wash and go you can really tell between the two textures, and I hate how its so big around my face and limp and dangly by my chin.

I'm so glad I stumbled upon this thread! I will definitely keep an eye on this.

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