great idea! I've been working out for about 2 weeks now, using the xbox kinect and ellipitical, occasionally those 10 minute kickboxing videos lol. Cut out sodas and eating healther with smaller portions (although I ate junk food 2 days in a row :/). I'm back on track now, and I'm hoping to lose an overall weight of 50-70 pounds. Heck, maybe even 80. But hopefully, but the beginning of 2012 I will weigh 180. That's 20 pounds from now. Meaning like 2.5 pounds per week? we can do it!!!
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I fell off my diet alittle bit too but I think what helped me was that I continued to exercise everyday. So while my weight fluctuated slightly I did my measurements again this am and I lost another half inch around my waist, thigh, hip and arm!Yah! So I am definitely motivated to keep up w/my exercise reggie. I am taking a break from the gym this weekend but will be right bk to my spin class at 5:45 monday!
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