I bought this on a whim at target yesterday after reading this thread. My hair is CRAZY wavy today! I'm getting pretty good hold and had to really SOTC after only using maybe a quarter sized amount for my BSL hair (used it on top of CIAB).

Also I am really glad that pledge smell doesn't linger. Blech.
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Yay, Lizardloo! Glad you liked it!! I am going to use some again today, too... I had been laying off it for a while because I was very OC'ed for a while there and seemed to need protein in all my products or my hair would get limp. So I'm going to revisit it! I'm in the mood for a good first day hair day. I've had lousy 1st day hair the past two washes. :P I'm not so much looking forward to that extra drying time, but I love the crunch and hold and curls this stuff gives! I found, like you, that my hair was crazy curly when I used it.
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