Wavynwild, it seems pretty hit or miss for me. I tried it once and loved it and the next time it wasn't as great. I think I used too much the second time and it flaked really bad. I'm having a hard time figuring out the amount and what to use under it.
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Aw, well that stinks! I've never really had it flake, either, and I use a lot. Hmmm. If it helps any, I find that it's a great stand alone product, and I don't need to use anything underneath. Oh, and I don't know how much you used, but I use about three good half dollar-sized amounts. I got a really good hair day yesterday by scrunching out all the water from my hair (no LI or anything) and scrunching in the gel, plopping, and pixie diffusing until it was almost dry. I hope some of this helps you, but I know we have totally different properties!

Oh, and an update about the scent -- I've actually grown to really like the scent... I almost crave it from time to time now. Ha ha! Also, I used some of this yesterday and got a great hair day. Sadly, it wasn't all the way dry before I went to bed, but I am too scared to look in the mirror to see how it turned out.
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