I've been using vitamins mostly Biotin with my normal multivitamin.It's been helpful so far. Also from friends and family who've had great results from Jamaican Black Castor Oil.It's helped some of them with moisture and growth and a pretty good sealer. I have the lavender scented version which is good because some people don't like the smell of the regular version.

Also have you tried protective styling?

Last Relaxer-March 2011
BC- 7-11-2011
When you get the choice to sit out or dance, I hope you dance <3

Hair Type: ?
Tons of whirls and curls and coils on my head. My hair's sometimes my best friend and other times we're at odds. But either way it's curls to the end. No need for a relaxer cause there's no reason to stress, my tresses are at their best

Length goal : Shoulder Length