So pretty!! Love the hair![/QUOTE]

Thank you it came out good that first time, but the second time I tried it looked pretty bad... I have layers and the shorter layers in the knots were unraveling and poking out before I got the knot completely wrapped around itself. Maybe I needed to get my hair more damp?

Also wash n gos usually come out pretty bad for me because of two things, frizz at the crown and my relaxed ends hanging like dead weight. And I get so tired of the steps, ice queen, not touching it, promoting clumps, plopping, mousse, gel, oil, diffusing, just to have it look like Crap.

So after the failed bantu knot attempt, I just said to heck with it! I cowashed, left some conditioner in, slapped in some oil, not caring about frizz ,and let it air dry. This turned into the best wash n go I've done in WEEKS. Hardly any frizz at the crown and my relaxed ends had a little more curl than usual! I tried to wash n go this morning and it turned out a hot mess, so I had to throw it in a ponytail.

Sorry that was long, but the point is I can do the EXACT same routine two days in a row and get very different results. Does this happen to anyone else? I think my hair has its off days just like me

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