hi every one..
i want to introduce my self here and also need help.
My name is Sara and i live in London UK. about two weeks ago i did a curly perm on my hair ( bought it from a supermarket. them kit things).
Well the look i was going for was like a wavish beach hair kinda look. but i ended up with tight ringlets and big frizz.
I panicked and did some reasearch on websites that said if i loeave a conditioning treatment on my hair for an hour or so that will help loosen the curl and relax the frizz. So i went on and did that. That did not help much.
So i went to the salon and they recommended i use "Redken All soft" shampoo and conditioner and also once a week use the conditioning treatment of the same range.
and they also recommended i cut my hair short as i had damaged almost 4 inches of my hair.
So i got a cut and now my hair is just below my shoulders. which is very sad as i loved my long lovely hair.

any way getting to the point now.. I still dont know how to style my hair.
how to make the my hair look curly and not frizzy ?? and that perfect kinda curl look that looks pretty easy to acheive but i am afraid i havent figured it out yet..
please please help me with exactly what brand products i should buy and how should i do it from shampooing my hair till the end .. plz plz plz
Please give the range of products that are avaialbe in uk, example REDKEN< REGIS< BEDHEAD< CATWALK<HERBAL ESSENCE..

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