I started CG this summer, in June. At first, everything was fine. I shed what I would normally shed before CG. I used the Miss Jessie's Creme de la Curl Cleanser and Conditioner, which I didn't like for the price I paid, so around August or September, I started co-washing (with Suave shampoo) and my hair started to fall out so much more. When I scrub my scalp and rake my fingers through my hair, I literally have to stop, take off all the hair from my fingers that has fallen out, and start again. Also when I detangle my hair with a comb, I have to take off all the fallen hairs from the comb too.

I tried switching to an SLS free shampoo but things remain the same. It has gotten to such a point that I straightened out my hair yesterday and my friends commented on how much thinner it looks. My hair is not particularly thin, but just the amount of hair that I leave behind in the shower has really started to bother me.

If someone could offer any suggestion as to why this is happening, or possibly a solution, it would be greatly appreciated!