is it commonplace to get such a high power attorney when you're completely innocent? i think not...
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Innocent people get put in jail all the time. I think it's smart seeing how the media is making them a focus.
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yeah not questioning her decision to get an attorney but if innocent do you need a super high powered attorney like the one that worked with van der sloot? honestly it's a little surprising they can afford such an attorney, maybe he's doing pro bono work. the mom could be innocent but her leaving out important facts like being drunk and the last time you saw your baby then getting a big name attorney just seems very suspicious!
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Lawyers aren't just for the guilty. Even if innocent, a lawyer protects your rights, makes sure proper procedures are followed, stops you from saying stupid things that can be misinterpreted, explains to you what is going on. And a big-name attorney may have fallen in their lap because of the publicity of the case.
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