Ok, so why is this? If I let my hair airdry (which for some reason takes like 4 hours, and my hair isn't thick), it'll end up completely straight, stuck to my head. But once I re-wet it and add curl cream and gel, and scrunch like hell, and diffuse, some curls appear. But why? Does anyone else have this?

Also, a bit of a back story, I used to have 3b curls. Total ringlets, VERY thick hair. But since last year my hair has been falling out, and most of all, straightening out!!!!! It grows in completely straight at the roots now. What the heck, why!!!!! I seriously hate it, and no one can give me any reason as to why it's growing in straight.

I think my hairloss was from being on Loestrin 24 birth control. Which sucks. But I switched that this past August, and now it's the end of October. And while I think the hairloss has slowed down, my hair isn't returning to it's curly state. So, can anyone help me, please??