Hi Jessica,

First things first....try not to stress....I know it's hard, but that may be a part of the problem. I started being CG at the end of May and I noticed a lot more hair coming out of my scalp during showers and coming out from the root. It had been happening for months and I though that at the rate I was losing hair I would be bald soon, but it never happened. My hair is still growing bu I'm not retaining all of my hair because of all the shedding. I went to my dermatologist and she did a hair strand test and told me I had telogen effluvium. It's a condition caused by a stressful event that has your hair shedding for up to a year, but will correct itself. Some people take rogain if it worries them that much. I'm not and I'm still not bald. I also went to my Doc and had him do a blood test to make sure my iron and all other things were in normal range. And I'm as healthy as an ox. Soooooooo, not saying that you have this but it may be a good place to start since I went and am currently going through it right now. Good luck and try not to worry too much if it is that then it will most likely just taper off on it's own.