My hair grows pretty fast... Genetics but when I cut my hair or have setbacks I use kbbs jojoba oil mix, coconut oil, hair butters, and I try to eat a balanced meal everyday and take vitamin supplements everyday to speed up growth
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My hair grows pretty good genetics as well but I am having a MAJOR set back .. ok let me stop exaggerating .. but what kind of protein pills are good? I noticed when my nails grow my hair grows aswell. It seems that they both came to a hault :/

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I take flaxseed supplements can be found almost any supermarket or health food store, Vitamin D supplements, a women's multi vitamin supplement, a tablespoon of molasses and cod liver oil (can be found at ethnic markets or west/east Indian health food stores). I don't take the vitamin supplements every day 2-3 time a week. Everything else daily. Drinking milk and eating proteins help. Vitamin enriched nutrition drinks like ensure and nutriment are also great. I hope this helps
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