I just realized yesterday that I did a baking soda cleanse and then ACV, then my leave in. . . BUT I just realized that I forgot to rinse out that ACV rinse!!! I'm so embarassed. could this be why my hair is super frizz and nasty??? Here I am going over this in my head because i Had product buildup and thinking why didn't this work on my hair, it looks just as frizzy as before. could this be why?? Now just to keep things straight, herbal rinses, like a sage rinse, you wouldn't rinse that out, right? Or am I wrong?? Don't want to mess that one up too.
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I don't rinse after my ACV and I've not had a problem. I cleanse with baking soda and condish, rinse, put in my RO condish, rinse, then pour the ACV solution over my head. I do not rinse after that. I go straight for my LI condish and stylers.
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