Hello! Thank God I found this website because I am ready to just shave my daughters head (not really..just kidding). My 9 yr old daughter comes home from school everyday in tears because the kids make fun of her hair...say it's puffy..and thats not even with her hair down. Now she will only wear her hair in a braided ponytail. She has such beautiful hair, there is just so much. The hair itself is fine but so dense. I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on products that don't help. Every salon she has ever been to they have said "I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MUCH HAIR!" No lie. I recently took her to get a Diva cut and the cut looks great but there is still nothing that controls it. I've tried almost every salon product. I've tried KKKT ,KKKC, all the Deva products. I'm stuck. Her hair need sooo much moisture. I do oil treatments..use deep conditioner. I NEED HELP!!! Please, any advise at all would be helpful!!! Thank you so much!