Also remember that 100 hairs a day gets multiplied by the amount of days between washes. Often with curly hair the loose hair stays in our hair until we wash it out/run our fingers through it. So if you co-wash every 3 days, you should lose approx 300 hairs in the shower - quite a bit!
3a, fine+med textures; med dens (ii); low porosity; nrml elasticity; frizz; protein sens.
CG since Sept '11

NO sulfates, cones, parabens
Co-wash- Desert Essences Frag Free
Condish- Acure Lemongrass or AO Blue Camomile
DT- Jessicurl
Styling- AOMM + KCCC or Alaffia BeautCurls Shea LI+KCCC
Extras- wkly ACV, br sug scrub for scalp issues
scrunch in prods to soaking wet hair (no combing), flour sack dry, clip roots, air dry, SOTC