I just get asked "What are you?" all the freakin time. Many people think I'm a "Latina"/European mixture, or just Greek. Just as many people think I'm just "Jewish".

Noticed a lot of people here are saying they aren't mixed. They say they're "just Greek", or "just Puerto Rican" or "just Italian". Thing is, all the aforementioned cultures have partial African lineage. Especially Greeks, Italians and the Spaniards because of how close they are to Northern Africa (enter the Moorish people).

It means people may be calling you racially mixed because you really ARE that racially mixed And as if that weren't enough, the so-called "Latinos" and Arabs are also quite often seriously mixed.

The lesson?: In a way, many of us aren't so very special, even though we get the "what are you?" question, or get asked if we're "mixed"

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