It is SO frustrating! And yes, actually I have been pretty sick in the past 2 years. I had my gallbladder out April 2010, which did not go well AT ALL. And since then my life has been hell up until very very recently. I was pretty much starving myself because I literally could not eat. Like, if I ate, I died for the entire day, it was beyond painful. And I did move February 2011, but that's nothing compared to my stomach issues I'd been having. But a few weeks ago, after going to 4 gastroenterologists, I found a good one, and he FINALLY gave me this pill that slowed down my digestion, which has really taken away the pain! I can eat now, it's amazing!!!

So, maybe this had something to do with it all? My hair began to straighten out last year around this time...but it doesn't seem to be growing in curly still. It's stick straight, and my ends are curly, which looks stupid =/