OMG this is an eye-opener for me. I always thought it was just me that took hours to dry my hair and walk around with (hard) wet wavy curls. And I thought you all could SOTC after an hour or so...
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Same here. Quite enlightening to know I'm not the only one.

On average, my hair (hair length to just past armpits, borderline-thin, average porosity and texture) takes no less than 4 hours to dry, when I have the time to wash and let it air-dry. 4 hours is really the earliest I feel safe scrunching the crunch, but there's still random curls that feel "squooshy", not quite dry but not really wet either. Just kind of moist.

I typically shower and plop at night, and when I get up (about 9 hours later) my hair is still wet, not a dry hair to be found. But it dries pretty quickly at that point, about an hour (when I leave for work). A half hour later, when I get to work, it's dry enough to scrunch.

Before CG, I would wear my hair in a half-ponytail, a style I hated (and still despise), but it was invaluable for it's efficiency at keeping clumps of hair from flopping in my face. Anyway, I'd shower, brush the top of my head back into that ponytail, and head to work. Some 10 hours or so, when I'd arrive home, I might remove the hairclip and discover that that particular section was still somewhat damp. Not drippy, exactly, but definitely not dry. Cold and clammy to the touch, too.
Some people are like slinkies... Not really good for anything, but
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