RDR: Wait a minute, you have low porosity? That means you are probably protein sensitive like me. The Burt's Bees pomegranate soy *conditioner* killed my hair! What's in the shampoo (you did mean you wash with the paraben&sulfate-free shampoo once a week and co-wash every day of the week, right?)?

I don't know that it could necessarily make your hair fall out, but it can't hurt to try another product for your hair type to see if you like that better. I honestly had to give away the rest of the bottle of Burt's after I realized (later than I would have liked) what it was doing to my hair. After using the conditioner, my hair was so tangled---mind you I have 3a which never tangles when it's wet---and it also felt like straw. If I'd known what I know now about my hair, I would have never purchased a volumizing conditioner (with soy protein). This conditioner is probably designed for fine textured locks that need protein.

I'm still investigating who the ACV rinses work for, because if it's fine for my hair type I might try doing that to see what happens with my curls.

Good luck! Let us know if anything improves!
3a, fine+med textures; med dens (ii); low porosity; nrml elasticity; frizz; protein sens.
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NO sulfates, cones, parabens
Co-wash- Desert Essences Frag Free
Condish- Acure Lemongrass or AO Blue Camomile
DT- Jessicurl
Styling- AOMM + KCCC or Alaffia BeautCurls Shea LI+KCCC
Extras- wkly ACV, br sug scrub for scalp issues
scrunch in prods to soaking wet hair (no combing), flour sack dry, clip roots, air dry, SOTC