iroc, I think you know I like this look.

I find it really hard to have the patience to paint my fingernails. When I do my toes I can do things right away, but with the fingers it takes forever before I can even touch anything. I even use the quick dry stuff you can paint on and one of those little dryer things you put your fingers under. Am I doing something wrong that it seems to take SO long for everything to dry?
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No, mine takes forever to dry too. And I'm impatient and I want to do things but I know I'm gonna bump them and fudge them up.

I usually try to use a quick dry polish. And I've given up on doing a second coat. It never dries!

I've tried sitting with my hands in front of the fan. But that just makes me cold.

The mini Bon Bon nail polishes dry really fast. And I have a set of Hello Kitty polishes I bought for the kids that dry really fast.

Using my iphone with my toe thumbs. There will be typos.