Yeah, if you're wanting to try a light PT to see if it helps a little with your hair situation, I would imagine either a co-wash/low-poo would be fine (something as gentle as you can get it), then apply the PT. GVP Conditioning Balm used to be my favorite conditioner. I haven't used it lately, because it got taken over my other conditioners. I might take it back, since it had such good results. It seems like you might be on the right track with it. You might be on the right track...that your hair likes moisture, just not lots of oils. If that's the case, then you're doing exactly what you need to do...find conditioners that have little to no oils in them.

For your bangs...if the gel isn't working the second day, I would first try rewetting them slightly to see if the gel reactivates. If it does not, then feel free to reapply the gel. It's your hair. If you notice that your hair is starting to get a little producty and it's not going away, use a low-poo for build-up and that should take care of it. The ultimate lesson is that you have to do what works for your hair. If you're doing stuff and your hair is a hot mess, then you're going to be unhappy, even though you're doing everything by the book. So throw everything out the window that you think you "should" be doing and find something that works for you and makes you and your hair happy.

Not all jelly's have humectants in them, you just have to do a little more research with them.

Actually, one of my favorite combo's that I use has agave nectar, which is supposed to be a humectant, but I've never had a problem with it sucking moisture from my hair, even with the dead sea salts in it (SS CEJ). The dead sea salts act as a curl enhancer, but it can dry some people out, depending on their sensitivity. Aloe Vera Gel is one of the main ingredients, which many sources say is a humectant, but almost all of my natural jelly ingredients have Aloe Vera as a main ingredients and I haven't ever had a problem. The SS FHG doesn't have any humectants (other than the Aloe Vera Gel if it counts) and I know that some people use that in a variety of different ways. These both have silk amino acids in it, however...

Also, KCCC, which seems to be pretty universally used everywhere that I know of and has both aloe vera gel and agave nectar, and is protein maybe that might help you in the search for a jelly that will work for you? There are jelly's out there that will fit your bill.