I've been asked that before.
Yes, I am mixed, actually. People already asked me that even when my hair was relaxed. Some people had met my mum and that's why they asked, but for few others, it's because of how different my hair seemed from theirs.

About the West African thing, my dad's West African. In West Africa, I've noticed that many people and many hair stylists don't know how to take care of their hair. That is what makes it look kinda "cloud-like." If people cared for their hair better, it wouldn't look like that.
Things I use: Olive Oil, Canola oil, rosemary oil, aloe vera gel, shea butter, mayonnaise, eggs, milk, bananas

Everything I use is 100% natural. I make most of them myself because then I'm sure what's in it and I'm sure nothing's added, it's pure, it's natural.

Things I avoid: Mineral oil (codename: Baby oil), heat (I'm a total, no hair driers, no straighteners, no curling irons, no flat irons, no hot combs...nada), sodium chloride

Growing plan: At least 6 inches longer in a year.