^^ Wow, seriously? I'd never heard of salting a salad before dressing, but I thought salting pasta water was just...how you make pasta. My mom eats a low sodium diet and she still salts her pasta water - though not "like the mother****ing ocean," lol!
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Yeah, not just at work, but at home, greens, drizzle in some dressing, a sprinkle of salt, toss. Salads are usually never seasoned just right with just the dressing. The greens themselves need a little. A beet salad has the beets get seasoned and dressed separately then arranged with the greens. It makes a big difference on how the beets taste. They need acidity to balance and bring out their sweetness and cut through the earthiness, and salt balances acidity as well as bringing out the natural sweet flavor. Underseasoned beets are kind of grossly earthy.
I think it surprises a lot of people because many use commercial dressings, which are saltier than homemade (although the biggest problem with them is how sweet they are).

Salt water for blanching and pasta like the ocean. Blanching more so, because there's no comparison in flavor and the salt preserves the beautiful green color. Pasta, to a lesser extent, but it still needs to be salty, just like water for rice should taste salty. Mario Batali repeats salting pasta water like the ocean quite a bit.

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