I learn so much about food from you, Saria! And my brain is able to absorb it today, because my mom came and got me early and I got to retain the bits that hadn't been turned to mush already. I'm pretty tired, but not so tired I can't see straight. Plus I just ate half a marmalade jar full of homemade rice pudding. [The jar had a fun bulb-y shape and I think I kept going when I otherwise would've stopped eating just due to the novelty. Oops.] Day successfully salvaged! Amusingly enough, I actually partially have Buffy to thank for that: I listened to Youtube videos of the songs from Once More With Feeling while I relabeled file after file, until my phone ran out of juice. It's funny - when I watched that episode, the only song that I really took much notice of for the actual music (besides when Sweet sang, MAN that voice) was "Walk Through the Fire," specifically the opening line, "I touch the fire and it freezes me." But today I couldn't stop listening to "Under Your Spell" and its reprise, "Walk Through the Fire" and "Something to Sing About." Especially those first two.

So now that I'm not too tired to do stuff, I know exactly what I want to do.

...It's a siggie.