Entropy, eh? Interesting. Let's see where the heat is going to come from in this episode. UGH, Warren just did some sort of half-assed warrior screech and it was so lame. I don't like that Buffy just inadvertently helped the trio get the disc they wanted. Oh Anya, honey, you don't need to stalk Xander in the bushes. Leave the skulking around love interests to Angel. Wow, Willow's more awkward than Tara is right now. Is she trying to ask her out or steal her title? Heh. Buffy takes Dawn shopping "to make up for trying to kill" her. XD Also, everyone else. This could make for a really great "Remember that time...?"

Ugh, Xander, now would also be a good time to mention your fear of aging into an abusive drunkard, but - ANYA HOLY CRAP NO. YOU LET YOUR DEMON PIMP RE-DEMONIZE YOU. Yeesh, I don't recall the demon makeup doing that do your face shape before. Glad to see you're still hilarious, though you still haven't been funny in demon makeup: "Those are metaphor intestines, you aren't in any real pain! What is wrong with me?!" And Xander continues his dense streak by completely missing the fact that she's just professed annoyance with the fact that his real intestines aren't floating around in his torso in knotted fragments. Ah, so Anya needs someone to wish Xander harm for her. Is this episode going to end in her deciding she loves him too much to hurt him and relinquishing her demonhood? It seems like the only two options are that or losing Anya to the monster of the week count.

Dawn just called Buffy's psychotic break "the basement thing." Approved. Dawn: "Why don't I come patrolling with you tonight?" Buffy: "Oh! And then maybe we could invite some strangers over and ask them to feed you candy!" Zing! I wish I had Willow's necklace. That's all I have to say about this montage of Anya trying to get Xander's friends to wish for terrible things to happen to him. Spike, your actor is very genuine in saying "I don't hurt you" to Buffy, but where does all the mutual punching and trying to make her think her friends would hate the "real" her fit into that sentiment? Your current dialogue points to such a different relationship than the one you two had. I do, however, think it was dumb for even Xander to think of you before the idiot trio when he saw the camera in the lawn gnome.

Uh oh, Anya and Spike have gone from drowning their sorrows together to possibly causing the Scoobies to walk in on them together. This would be very awkward. Oh, right, the cameras - Willow's tapped into the idiots' feed. So they're watching in on them. As is the trio. Ew. I don't want to think about their nasty libidos. Oh wow. Xander comes after Spike with an axe, tells Anya she makes him sick now, and then Spike tells on Buffy, too. First off: okay, not gonna lie, any time someone goes axe crazy on this show, it's a wee bit fun for me. But the second thing? Harsh, Xander. Unduly harsh, though granted you are in a murderous rage. Hey, Spike - Spike, whatever happened to "I don't hurt you"? You see Buffy's reaction to seeing Xander's face when he (finally, after having the proof literally in front of his face) learns you've slept together? That is hurt.

Anya did shut down Spike's "I wish" that was clearly an unpleasant one about Xander. A small prediction neatly met in the middle of a mess. [ETA: No relinquishing of demonhood, though. She doesn't seem to need to, what with Halfrek hanging out and chatting with her in non-veiny form.] Aw, Tara. I accept your skipping the "long, important process" of making up with Willow as genre savvy: it's pretty clear you're being written back into her life, and frankly it never seemed like a permanent split was in the cards when you broke up. Not from any lack of strength on your part, but from the fact that the show never stopped dwelling on it.

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