You said you scrunched in product to the ends. Did the canopy that is seeing the frizz get any product or the same amount of product? When I apply product, I apply product upside down, then flip back right-side up and made sure to concentrate on applying product to the canopy because applying upside down doesn't get my canopy. That could account for the frizz...because it's not getting any or as much product as the rest of the hair...I also concentrate on applying more product to my canopy with conditioner/PT's because I apply them upside down first.

And if I plop (which is seldom now because of my length, it's simply too short to get good curl definition in a plop...I'm going to try again with my Curl-Ease, since I had most success with that), when I take it out, I'll apply a little bit more product to the canopy again because when plopping, that's the place the plopping soaks up the most water/product.

You might also want to try squeezing water out with your hands and applying the product to soaking wet hair, then plop. I've heard many people say that helped them with their frizz problem. I would also second raking the product into your canopy as that might help the frizzy strands find a clump. Then you can scrunch to help encourage the curls to pop out.

With the Repair Me, you actually do not need another conditioner after it. It has the protein and moisture built in. That's what I love about it. For right now, if I were you, I wouldn't use a leave-in and see what kind of results you get. AOMM is pretty moisturizing in itself, too.