My guess would be that it was the tea tree oil. It can work that way for some people. My sister, for instance. It doesn't do that for my scalp, but makes her scalp burn for days. Just don't do it again, go back to what you were doing before and it should go back to normal. I highly doubt it was the Repair Me, because the products in it are fairly common and I would be willing to bet are probably found in your other products.

Sometimes with protein, it takes a few tries to fix the hair completely. It's not going to be an immediate fix.

Also keep in mind that AOMM doesn't have a great amount of hold, so if you're using it, you might want to either put a harder holding gel on top of it to see if your frizz improves, or maybe try the mousse SegB was talking about. I really like using mousse. It's easy to distribute, doesn't weigh hair down, etc. I actually have 2 canisters of the 3-in-1 Condition (Purple one) mousse in my arsenal. I've only found it at Walgreen's. For mousse, I also like Joico JoiWhip (but it does have protein), AG Mousse/Gel (also has protein), and Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam.

If you want a local, cheap drugstore brand gel, you could try Aussie Instant Freeze, Monkey Brains gel (can be found at Walgreens also), L'Oreal Studio Clean Gel, and any LA Looks Gel that doesn't have protein if you want to avoid them. All of the above are protein free.

P.S. You're GF Pure Clean Extra Strong Styling Gel has glycerin pretty high on the ingredient list. That might be why it's not working well for you.