I could be way off base here, but it almost looks like your *hairs* are reaching out for moisture...I wonder if cutting out the glycerin and major humectants and adding a good rinse out conditioner as well as a deep treatment every few days would help. Along with smoothing a little of your products down your hair.

I also do think you need to get a good low poo that clarifies enough to get the gunk out of your hair...I am really loving the Queen Helene Royal Curl one...It's at Whole Foods.

Forgive me if this was suggested before...
2b/3a, normal/high porosity, fine/medium texture, medium density, low elasticity

Low Poo- Tigi Colour Goddess, Giovanni 50:50, Giovanni TTT (clarify 1X/week)
Condish- CJ Curl Rehab, Giovanni 50:50, Giovanni TTT
Leave In- Slip Detangler, KCKT, Redken Curl Refiner
Treatment- CJ Repair Me! and CJ CR

Dislikes: Too much protein, high glycerin content, and heavy oils